Madabar Vocab

Easy and powerful vocab training


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Editor view

Enter the foreign language words you wish to learn along with other aspects of the words such as gender, number and so on.

Screenshot of editor view

Quiz view (multiple choice)

Generate your own multiple-choice quizzes. The details on the result of the previous question are shown in the bottom left, and your score and progress in the bottom right. At the end of the quiz you can retry your mistakes.

Screenshot of multiple-choice quiz view

Quiz scheme dialog

You can choose whether to translate from the foreign language to your language or vice versa. You can also select how many alternatives answers are displayed and the properties that are displayed with them.

Screenshot of quiz scheme dialog

Shortcut palette

The shortcut palette enables you to easily enter special characters, for example letters with accents. You can also specify shortcut-keys that insert the special characters as well.

Screenshot of shortcut palette

Last updated: 2005/09/03