Tim Wegener


Parsed Greek 1 John

I've posted a sample word list for Madabar Vocab that I generated from James Tauber's CCAT Morphological Greek New Testament. See the new sample Vocab Lists page for more info.

Although this doesn't have the translations at this stage, it could be quite useful as an aid to studying New Testament Greek. You can easily test yourself on a verb paradigm for instance. Or you could sort on nouns, select them and test yourself just on nouns. (The forthcoming query select feature will make this a bit more convenient.)

I've also included fields for word frequency and lemma (root) frequency. This is really handy together with the sorting feature within Madabar Vocab. You can sort on root frequency and learn the most common words first.

In trying this out I discovered a bug in the sort dialog code ( It is quite easy to fix: just change Category to Field in The fix will be included in the next release, but I want to do some more changes before the next release.

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