Tim Wegener


Madabar Vocab 0.7 Released (big one)

A new official release of Madabar Vocab (v0.7) is available on the Download page.


  • Now using new MVL (.mvl) file format
  • Added a CSS stylesheet show that the new MVL format can be viewed easily from a web browser when saved as .xml
  • Metadata (vocab list info, e.g. author, etc.)
  • Numerous bugfixes
  • Added auto-show timeout for plain flashcard quizzes
  • Launch external links in help using a web browser
  • Save size of shortcut palette
  • Keep editing when focus is lost and then returned to the editor
  • Confirmation before overwriting files using Save As (thanks Karl!)
  • Some usability improvements (thanks Kate!)

The big change is the file format. Old files can still be read by selecting the .mml plugin. Please convert your existing lists over to the new format.

I'd like to do a more publicised release soon, so give it a try and let me know about any bugs that need to be fixed.

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