Tim Wegener



My name is Tim Wegener. Among other things I enjoy hanging out with my wife, having a laugh with my family, playing the guitar (and other instruments when I get the chance), computer programming, thinking and learning in general.

this site...

The intention is to post info on my projects and computing adventures, in the hope that the info will be useful to someone.

In practice I tend to flitter between numerous projects, experiments and other time sinks. As a result, this site is a slightly unpolished hotch-potch of unfinished grand (in my mind) ideas. One day I hope to give the site a bit more love. (I hope to do a lot of things though,so no breath holding.)

I originally designed this site using the emacs editor and pyblosxom for blogging and templating. Since then it has grown various bits and pieces (wordpress and moin).

Last updated: 2007/05/07